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I am no longer taking orders.

Thank You for your support 

in 2016.

Look for the new 6"

Chubby with aluminum lip coming out next year. 

It's being extensively tested 

 this season.



 Please Note!!!


I will be making all

My Enforcers Series and Retro Lures

from Genuine Mahogany and Resin

from now on!

Some of the jelutong lures were not up to

Donato's Custom Lures Standards.

Thank You to all of my loyal customers!

                                                                                              ~ Donato Mongelli ~





Available in 2 Sizes - 6" and 10" 

They Run And Look Better Than Any

Lure You Will Ever Use!

Countless 50 plus inchers and 37 Plus Pounders.

6" CHUBBY -  Walleye Paint Job


10" Enforcer - Lawton 

6" Chubby - Shad


10" Enforcer - Natural Bass 


   One of the highest quality and best running lures that you will ever use. Depending on the speed of your troll or retrieve, 

The 6" Chubby runs very erratic and thumps hard or has an unbelievable tight action similar to a bait fish trying to escape.

The 10" enforcers have an awesome, slow, wobbling roll at slower speeds and can also thump hard and have a tighter action at higher speeds.



 They are all handcrafted and three dimensional

The highest quality pattern grade lumber is used on all lures

Custom polycarb lips are glued in place with epoxy

.062 stainless thru wire and .092 screw eyes

Mustad 2x strong hooks 4/0, 5/0, 7/0

 Custom paint jobs using automotive lacquers

2 sealer coats on the bare wood

2 - 3 coats of epoxy for extra durability and shine



Were Tested For the last 6 Season by


Fins and Grins Muskie Charters.

 They had unbelievable results! 




       Custom Made Fish Head Bucktails






New for 2011! 






 New Mini Killer and Small Killer Perch.



  Bucktail Features 


  • Weighted to Maintain a Vertical Position
  • Mimics a Real Fish
  • Hand Tied Ex-Large Flashabou Tails 
  • All Come With 7/0 Back Hook
  • Large Perch Has a 4/0 Belly Hook - 
  • Med Baby Bass -   
  • Small Killer Perch - 
  • Mini Killer Perch - 
  • Automotive lacquer Paints
  • 2 Coats of Epoxy Top Coat








Please Note :


Donatos Custom Lures uses a solid brass bead behind the clevis and not a hollow bead! This is why we do not have to use the tiny black, clear or whatever color plastic washers between the clevis and the beads. The purpose for the washers is to prevent the hollow bead from cutting the clevis off.


FACT: Without the tiny washers the hollow bead will eventually cut your clevis off and you will lose your blades. This will happen much quicker if your trolling vs. casting.


This is not the case with a solid bead.



Also Note that we use a solid brass bead behind every fish head. This bead is crimped approx. 1/8" away from the clevis and will not move!  The fish head will not impede, stop, slow or interfere with the spinning of the blades whatsoever!


 In Fact: The Head Makes The Lure Run Better! 













  Places To Get A Donato!


Directly from Donato - This Web Site -  Anglers Point Marina located in Chesterfield, Michigan - The Shows  



          Custom Made Crank Bait Lures



6" Retro "Perch" 
   10" Fish "Brown Bar"
Crankbait Features 
  • Hand Crafted Mahogany or Jelutong Wood Body
  • Styles are: Retro, Classic Fish
  • 6” Retro Jointed Only
  • 10" Fish Straight Only
  • Stainless Steel Screw Eyes .072 and .092
  • Mustad 2X Strong Hooks
  • Lexan Custom Shaped Lips
  • 2 Coats of Lacquer Sealer/Primer
  • Automotive Lacquer Paints 
  • 3 - 4 Coats of Top Coat 





            Custom Walleye Harnesses



  • Over 100 custom painted blade choices
  • #4 Colorado Blades
  • Troll in -line, 3 way, Cast, Drift
  • Easy hook replacement
  • Add a dressed treble hook or hook of your choice
  • Comes with a Mustad 2/0 live bait offset hook
  • Solid stainless steel wire
  • Easier to store and with no tangled mess
  • Very quick to change from one to another




                              MADE IN THE U.S.A.


All of My Lures and Calls are Made

in the U.S.A, in my Shop, by Me!  


             Custom Turkey Calls


                          Donato's Cherry & Walnut Box Call 


Donato's Cherry & Walnut Box Call Classic design, top quality hardwoods and expert crafting describe these new box calls from Michigan call maker Donato Mongelli. Base groove on box makes it comfortable to hold and run. Thumb groove in left sideboard allows easy 'cutting'. Cherry and walnut box gives higher pitched, aggressive yelps. 8" X 1.5" solid-body box. Includes integral strap to secure paddle.




               Donato's Walnut & Oak Box Call 


Donato's Walnut & Oak Box Call Classic design, top quality hardwoods and expert craftsmanship describe these new solid-body box calls from Michigan call maker Donato Mongelli. Base groove on box makes it comfortable to hold and run. Thumb groove in left sideboard allows easy cutting and clucking. Walnut box offers a deep rasp of an old boss hen. 8" X 1.5" solid-body box. Includes integral strap to secure paddle.





  I Would Never Sell Something That I'm Not Proud of !




     Thanks for Visiting 
































































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